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Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API) ,

Excipients, and Primary Packaging Materials


Away from today’s common “intermediary” and “trader” concepts, SONIFAR The Pharma Expert provides technical, regulatory, intelligence and commercial support to both its suppliers and customers. It promotes a solution-oriented understanding whilst abiding by its “crystal clear” transparency policy, aiming to be an indispensable trademark of reliability in Material Supplier Chain Procurement Services.


Phytopharmaceutical Ingredients


Finzelberg develops and produces active herbal ingredients for the phytopharmaceutical industry. More than 150 different plants and botanicals form the basis of our extract range which comprises both phytopharmaceutical extracts and extracts for nutritional supplements. In all of these products you can find the concentrated power of nature, which you can use for a host of different purposes. And furthermore, Finzelberg offers you the support that you need: comprehensive services – from the development of new products to their certification.

Finished Product / Formulation;


With a diversity of products consisting of pure and value added generics (including OTC products)  manufactured in accordance with cGMP under registration in Turkey or international markets or ready for registration or technology transfer, we can cater for all sorts of business development models in order to secure our mutual understanding of Win-to-Win Business Strategy.


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